Welcome to the Krueger Family!

We are excited you chose to become apart of ever-growing Krueger Family!  We know this can be a difficult decision.  We appreciate you chose us, KCI, as your technology expert.  We look forward to a long-lasting relationship together.

Our 5 Phase Project Plan

Below is a snapshot of our proven 5 Phase Project Management Plan.

To view more details on each phase, click for more details on each phase and what exactly you can expect.

Documentation Required to Begin Your Project

To help kick off your project, download the forms below and bring as much information as possible to your kick-off meeting.  This information helps fast track your project and is especially important for time sensitive projects.

Haven't Paid Your Down Payment Yet?

To keep your project moving, it’s critical to submit down payment as soon as possible. You can always submit payment through our online payment portal. We accept ACH and credit cards through the portal. By utilizing the portal, we’ll receive your payment that much quicker allowing us to initiate your project sooner. Have any questions on the portal? Contact your Technology Advisor today to help walk you through it.

What's Next In Your Krueger Journey?



Telephony information is gathered from your main site and any associated locations.

We will also look for inefficiencies in the current configuration and discuss your requests for new solution design.

Tentative project timelines and schedules are discussed.



Your new system will be designed, reviewed and approved during this phase.

Network recommendations and design changes will also be covered.

Any remaining change orders and product procurement (release) are processed.

Building & Testing

Any applicable networking changes or network hardware installation (if included) will be completed.  Pre and Post Testing is completed.

By the conclusion of this phase, users, call routing, auto-attendant routing & greetings, reporting/recording software and carrier services will be configured, tested and ready for go live.


Go Live

As close to or on the cut-over day, KCI will train users before go-live. Typical pre-deployment training includes basic phone use (making, receiving, transferring calls) and voicemail access.

On the date of go live, KCI will manage the moving of carrier services and call routing to the KCI solution. KCI will have team members at your location(s) to ensure your business is able to communicate, answer any user questions or make system adjustments as necessary.

After Go Live, users will have the ability to make calls, receive calls and access voicemail.

Follow-Up & Support

After successful deployment of the new voice solution, you will have a 45 day support period. During this time, minor adjustments to the call routing and overall system design, key and name changes, voicemail changes and other non-add on requests will be covered.

Also during this time, administrative training (to manage day to day changes to the phone system), advanced feature training (train the trainer) will be completed. KCI will also require a 911 test from each location and an acceptance from your company.

Have Questions?

If you have any questions about your project or next steps, don’t hesitate to contact us!